Equal Voices Foundation seeks to support all people who struggle to make their voice heard and to promote the human rights of individuals.

We are committed to provide a service that is inclusive, where all people feel involved, supported and loved, rebuilding self-confidence and enhancing social skills.

Equal Voices Writing Project

Thank you for visiting our site. Your involvement in this project—by reading the work of these women from all over the world and offering comments of support—is crucial.

Equal Voices Writing Project was formed after the brutal ‘corrective rape’ and murder of Eudy Simelane in South Africa in 2008. An idea manifested with me that not only were women being brutally raped and being treated as unequal, but their stories were silenced. The same is happening in Afghanistan, Africa, Syria…After years as a journalist, I came to believe that telling our own stories is as important as breathing.

This interest led to my first visit to South Africa in 2010. I visited women in the
townships, interviewed victims of abuse and rape and their families. The one thing the
women clung on to was hope. They didn’t want pity they wanted to be heard.

Our mission is to support the voices of women with the belief that to tell their story is a human right. Though it sounds simple, I cannot say how important I think this is in countries where women have been told their stories do not matter, and urged to be silent, and warned against honesty.

But why should we care about a story by a woman from Cape Town or a poem by a woman from Syria, Afghanistan, Turkey or here in the UK? Because in telling their own stories, we’ve seen these women gather strength, courage, and self-confidence. They become empowered to make changes within their own communities wherever in the world that may be.

Thank you for your time, and for your support of these sisters of ours all over the world…

So if you do need to speak to someone, – share it with someone you trust, we are ready to listen.

Equal Voices Foundation – give voice – be heard

Let us know how we can help you…

Contact us:

email – equalvoices.aj@gmail.com

Please note that we are a non-profit organisation.

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